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pip install azure-eventhub-checkpointstoreblob-aio. Event Hub Namespace. The first step is to create an Event Hubs Namespace followed by an EventHub and get the credentials that you can use to your application to communicate with Event Hubs. If you want to learn how to create a namespace and event hub, please refer to my other post. $ pip install azure-eventhub Authenticate the client Interaction with Event Hubs starts with an instance of EventHubConsumerClient or EventHubProducerClient class. You need either the host name, SAS/AAD credential and event hub name or a connection string to instantiate the client object. Create client from connection string:. To get started, run pip install azure-eventhub and follow the README to learn how to address common scenarios. Azure Event Hubs offers managed "hubs" for sending and receiving high-volume event streams, such as operational logs and sensor data. The updated Python package offers easy-to-use send and receive functions that connect with hubs by using.
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